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Italian Antitrust Association

The Italian Antitrust Association (Associazione Antitrust Italiana) promotes the study and discussion of the most relevant developments on the subject. It prepares proposals and discussion documents on the most important issues, also in order to submit them to the Italian Competition Authority, the European Commission and other relevant public and private institutions and bodies. It also promotes the dissemination of the culture of competition and consumer protection through the organization of conferences, seminars, debates, cultural events, editorial initiatives, competition talks and workshops.

Dr Danilo Samà 

Associazione Antitrust Italiana
(Italian Antitrust Association)

Via Salaria 259
00199 Rome (Italy)

Tel.: (+39)
E-mail: segreteria@associazioneantitrustitaliana.it
Website: www.associazioneantitrustitaliana.it


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