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M.Sc. | LUISS “Guido Carli” University of Rome (Italy)

LUISS “Guido Carli” University of Rome (Italy)
M.Sc. Master of Science Degree in Economic Analysis of Law
(two-years - 120 ECTS credit program)
Faculty of Economics
Academic Years 2007-2009

Competition and regulation in the electronic communications market:
significant market power & three criteria test”

Chair of Economic Analysis of Competition Law
Supervisor: Prof. Emeritus Roberto Pardolesi

Final grade: 110/110 with honors (summa cum laude)

▪ Behavioural Economics & Game Theory (Anna Conte)
▪ Economic Analysis of Competition Law (Cristoforo Osti, Roberto Pardolesi)
▪ Economic Analysis of Financial Markets (Giuseppe Di Gaspare)
▪ Economic Analysis of Law (Andrea Renda)
▪ Economics of Competition & Regulation (Umberto Monarca)
▪ Economics of Contracts & Markets (Daniela Di Cagno)
▪ Economics of Energy (Andrea Bollino)
▪ Economics of Media (Giancarlo Leone)
▪ Economics of Strategy (Paolo Boccardelli)
▪ European Integration Policy (Massimiliano Di Pace)
▪ Industrial Organization (Cesare Pozzi)
▪ Intellectual Property Rights (Gustavo Ghidini)
▪ International Financial Institutions (Chiara Oldani)
▪ Technological Development (Francesco Del Monte)

LUISS “Guido Carli”
Viale Romania 32
00197 Rome (Italy)
Website: www.luiss.edu

M.Sc. dissertation
(available upon request by e-mail)


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