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Created in 2003, Law & Economics LAB (L&E LAB) promotes the research and teaching of economic analysis of law, stimulating the debate on the prospective application of such interdisciplinary approach to a wide number of topics, ranging from competition policy to intellectual property protection, from the economic analysis of civil law to the regulation of high-tech markets. L&E LAB is not entirely a brand-new entity: our research staff includes lawyers and economists with significant experience both from an academic and a professional standpoint.

L&E LAB offers a unique mix of professional experiences in law and economics, and aims at offering ‘state of the art’ legal and economic analyses addressed to a wide audience of academic scholars, practitioners and policymakers. The main activities at L&E LAB are research, teaching and consulting. Our collection of working papers shows L&E LAB’s approach to complex and highly debated issues in the fields of law and economics. On our web-site, experts and practitioners will find legal resources and short commentaries aimed at matching their need to remain up to date in their daily work. Our newsletter offers an update on the most interesting events and publications in the field of law and economics. The direct link with EU and US universities and research centers allow us to offer high-quality research and to constantly update our approach and theoretical background.

Dr. Danilo Sama’
Research Fellow Economist
(Competition Area)

Law & Economics LAB

LUISS “Guido Carli”
Viale Romania 32
00197 Rome (Italy)

Tel.: (+39)
Fax.: (+39)

E-Mail: info@law-economics.net
Web-Site: www.law-economics.net


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