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Master | Erasmus Rotterdam University (The Netherlands)

Erasmus Rotterdam University (The Netherlands)
European Master in Economic Analysis of Law
Rotterdam Institute of Economic Analysis of Law
(one-year - 60 ECTS credit program)
Academic Year 2010-2011

The antitrust treatment of loyalty discounts and rebates in the EU competition law:
in search of an economic approach and a theory of consumer harm

Chair of Economic Analysis of Competition Law
Supervisor: Prof. Emeritus Dr Thomas Eger (University of Hamburg)
External examiner: Prof. Dr Elena Argentesi (University of Bologna)

Final grade: 54/60 points (3rd best thesis)

The paper was presented at:
▪ Competition Policy Workshop at the Toulouse School of Economics (France) in 2012
▪ Annual Conference of the Italian Society of Law & Economics at the University of Turin (Italy) in 2011

▪ Economic Analysis of Competition Law (Peter Camesasca, Roberto Pardolesi)
▪ Economic Analysis of Law I & II (Hila Nevo, Ann-Sophie Vandenberghe)
▪ Economic Analysis of Public Law (Alessandra Arcuri)
▪ Economic Analysis of Tort Law (Louis Visscher)

GPA (Grade Point Average): 8.35/10
(top 10% over 102 students)

Erasmus Rotterdam University
Burgemeester Oudlaan 50
3062 Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
Website: www.eur.nl

Master dissertation
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